5 Best Stabilizer For Embroidering Sweatshirts

Updated on: December 2023

Best Stabilizer For Embroidering Sweatshirts in 2023

Sulky 551-12 stabilizer, 12" x 6 yd, White

Sulky 551-12 stabilizer, 12
BESTSELLER NO. 1 in 2023
  • Sulky Sticky Plus is a self-adhesive tear-away stabilizer on a paper backed release sheet that is ideal stabilizer for hooped, computerized machine embroidery
  • Use in or under your hoop to eliminates hoop marks on all fabrics
  • Embroider on small areas like pockets, edges, button rows, ribbon, cuffs, collars, and more, without basting them to the stabilizer
  • Unique non-woven stabilizer designed especially for machine embroidery
  • Includes one roll of 12-inch wide by 6-yard stabilizer
  • The stabilizer tears away from the fabric when the project is complete
  • Great for knit, fabric, velvet, sweatshirt, fleece, pockets, cuffs, socks and more

H2O"Eau" Gone White FSL 12 inch x 25 Yard Roll. Wash n Gone - Wash Away - SuperStable Embroidery Stabilizer Backing

BESTSELLER NO. 2 in 2023
  • This stabilizer is a complete washaway stabilizer, leaving no residu. It is a fibrous washaway stabilizer for free standing lace, fleece and pashmina. It dissolves easily in tap water leading to a far tighter definition, while being less messy than film stabilizers, as fibers hold stitches. Also , in humid climates, film stabilizers will sag leading to the loss of hooping tension and leading to a loss in definition. Made with 100% PVA ( Poly vinyl alcohol)
  • White, roll of 12 inch high x 25 yards.
  • Made in USA. Ideal for FSL Free standing lace. Completely dissolves.
  • Wash n gone.

New Brothread Wash Away - Water Soluble Machine Embroidery Stabilizer Backing & Topping 10" x 3 Yd roll - Light Weight - Cut into Variable Sizes for Machine Embroidery and Hand Sewing

New Brothread Wash Away - Water Soluble Machine Embroidery Stabilizer Backing & Topping 10
BESTSELLER NO. 3 in 2023
  • ▶COLD WATER SOLUBLE: It dissolves completely when immersed in cold or warm water leaving no backing at all. A great choice for both embroidery backing and topping. Perfect when you need an embroidery stabilizer to be disappeared.
  • ▶WIDE APPLICATIONS: Best used on washable fabric and high pile fabric such as terry cloth, towels, fleece and other fluffy materials that requires the complete removal of the stabilizer. They are most widely used in free standing embroidery applications such as free standing lace (FSL).
  • ▶SKIN-FRIENDLY MATERIAL: 100% pure natural material which is non-toxic and acid and lead free! No any itching worries even you used our wash away embroidery stabilizer on your skin-touch clothes.
  • ▶EASY TO USE: Hoop the wash away (water soluable) embroidery stabilizer together with the fabric, then stitch. After finishing your project, just put the embroidery design into water, the stabilizer will disappear leaving nothing behind.
  • ▶LIGHT WEIGHT FOR ALL THE STITCH DENSITY (COUNTS): It is light weight 1.5 oz (40 Grams) wash away embroidery stabilizer for light to medium stitch density, for much denser designs, you can use more than one layer.

Embroidery Placement Ruler Adult Shirts Size Small - 4XL

Embroidery Placement Ruler Adult Shirts Size Small - 4XL
BESTSELLER NO. 4 in 2023
  • Use on all types of garments, no more guess work
  • Fast & easy positioning and saves time
  • Pre marked industry standard embroidery placement markings
  • Embroidery Placement Ruler (CNEPR1) Adult Buddy Placement Tool Adult Shirts Size Small - 4XL
  • Made in USA

Amazing Designs Stabilize It Cut Away Pre-cut embroidery Stabilizer 9 in x 12 1/2 in

Amazing Designs Stabilize It Cut Away Pre-cut embroidery Stabilizer 9 in x 12 1/2 in
BESTSELLER NO. 5 in 2023
  • Stabilize It! pre-cut embroidery stabilizer.
  • Large package of cut-away stabilizer contains 50 sheets, size 9 in x 12-1/2 in to fit 5 in x 7 in hoops.
  • Product Features: Provides excellent support and stability without bulk, Soft and non-irritating, making it great for knits and children's wear, The no-show mesh works well for lightweight fabrics, eliminating the backing shadow, Made from nylon, it has superior resistance to shrinkage during laundering and resists stretching during the hooping process,
  • Use it for embroidering light to heavy stitch counts in a large hoop size, Can be used in multiple layers for added stability on medium to high stitch count designs, Ideal for embroidering on any fabric type, particularly: knits (including golf shirts, T-shirts, and sweatshirts), fleece, loosely woven fabrics (including afghans and baby blankets), and stretch fabric (including 2-way and 4-way stretch)

How to Embroidery Portraits and Pictures

Even if you've never done embroidery you won't find this method hard at all.

Many people hang pictures of their family on the wall to show them off to visitors or to view them when they want. Some people go all-out on a fancy frame and others turn color photos to black and white on their home computers. For many people, it's fun to pick out frames, arrange the various photos on the wall, or do photo crafts. I might know of a photo or picture craft you haven't tried yet. Embroidery portraits are gorgeous and, even if you've never done embroidery before, you won't find this method hard at all.

Make a copy of your photo and save the original. The copy will get ruined and you don't want to lose the actual photo when the project is finished. Adjust the copied image to fit the frame and mat you're using.

Purchase water color paper to begin. You'll find the paper at a craft store and maybe even a fabric store. Online, there are many places that sell water color paper. Lay the copied photo on the water color paper and tape it in place.

It's a bit time-consuming to do the next step but, once you see the finished result, you'll definitely feel as though it was worth your effort. Lay the picture and water color paper on a piece of cardboard. Use a pin or needle and begin making tiny holes through the picture and the paper at the same time. Outline the shape of the person, then outline features, like eyes, eyebrows, nose, and so forth. Do your best to space the holes evenly, but some uneven holes will, in the end, give you a more unique embroidered portrait.

You'll achieve various looks by how you make the holes. For example, if you make holes that are close together you'll end up with a different look than if you make holes that are further apart. So, for the outline of the person, make holes that are spaced further apart, but for something like the eyeball, make dots which are close together. That way, you'll have more definition on the finished portrait.

Remove the photo and use a needle and thread to sew in and out of the holes you've made in the water color paper. Use thick thread for things like the hair or the outline; use thinner thread for eyes and eyebrows. Use various colors of thread to make certain features, like eyes, or do the whole portrait in black and white.

When you're finished, frame the embroidered portrait and enjoy it. Don't want to do a person's portrait? Use a picture of a lighthouse, a vehicle, flowers, or something else. The embroidered pictures turn out beautifully.

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